Sep 22, 2014

Autumn Sewing Plans - Cozy Lounge Wear

For me fall is all about falling leaves, long walks in the forest and sipping hot chocolate or a nice glass of red wine around the fire place. 
I want to be comfortable yet stylish while lounging around the house. Mc Call's 6658 is the perfect pattern, providing countless options for separates and variations. I particularly love the sweater top with the large cowl. 

I never really cared much about my pj's, but all of that changed when I saw pictures of Rosie Huntington Whiteley's line for M&S. I loved the effortlessly chic style. Of course it helped that it was modelled by a gorgeous woman in full glamour mode. Who wears make-up like that with their pj's?!

I sprinted to M&S to try on some items. Bummer number 1: it wasn't available for sale in the Netherlands. Bummer number 2: after my online order I discovered that this line is created by a (I suspect) tall supermodel, however it is designed to fit smaller people. The pants and sleeves were way too short. And for the price tag that was a part of comfort I didn't want to compromise on.

Lucky for me I now sew and found a pattern that will help me create some glamorous lounge wear of my own. The key will be in sourcing luxurious knit fabrics. If you have any suggestions where to find them in the Amsterdam area, please let me know in the comments.

What is your favorite pattern for lounge wear? 


  1. Lovely choice of pattern. I like the Sewaholic Tofino, it's a really relaxed and stylish fit.



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