Sep 23, 2014

Autumn Sewing Plans - v8787 / v8972 / b5949 - Wardrobe building dresses

I love wearing dresses. Depending on the color and styling they can both be office and party proof. For me the key to the perfect dress is the perfect fit. 

As I mentioned before I'm a slow sewer. I like to take my time and finish my makes as neatly and professional as possible. I don't mind to slow down to research new techniques or finishes.

I plan to make muslins for all my upcoming projects and to tweak them to perfection. As this will be quite a time consuming process I was very critical in my selection. All patterns had to meet a list of criteria.


  1. First of all my sewing skills are limited. If this wasn't an issue I would be sewing (vintage) designer/couture patterns full stop. However, I still believe I can fool non-sewers into thinking that I'm wearing high end items with the right match of patterns, fabric and fit.

  2. I want to be able to wear (some of) the dresses in a corporate environment

  3. After altering my muslin and the pattern I want to be able to make multiples of the same pattern, without it being too obvious

  4. I have a curvy figure. My waist is at least 1 size smaller than my bust and hips. Clothes that lack waist definition tend to be unflattering and make me look bigger than I actually am. 

The three patterns that I selected all fall into the easy classification of Vogue or Butterick: v8787 / v8972 / b5949  The design lines looked complicated to me, but my mom assured me this will help to manipulate the fit and grade between bust, waist and hip sizes.


Look at all the variations that are included with the patterns already:

Once I achieved the perfect fit I can make the same dress over and over again! 

I love to hear more about your perfect dress pattern or suggestions for patterns that meet my criteria. 

Happy wardrobe planning! 


  1. Lovely patterns! I think the first one suits you and your criteria best. Happy sewing!

  2. Just start and take good notes of your adjustments. Once you fitted one of these dresses you'll discover the simililarity in changes you have to make for the next ones. It will get easier!

  3. You might need an FBA, which is fairly easy once you know how to do it, and makes fitting the bodice a lot easier. Adjusting for the difference between hip and waist is more straightforward so less of an issue. But the FBA makes a big difference if you're bigger than the B-cup the patterns are drafted for.

    Also the wrap top one, that will really need extra to go across your front, if you don't want to 'fall out' of it.

    They all look like really useful patterns with lots of options so that you can sew similar but not exactly the same dress, if you want. Once you know how to adjust to fit you one 'view' on a pattern, it should be easy to adjust to fit the other views too.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I think you're right in that I probably need a full bust adjustment. Are there any sources you could recommend for good instructions?
      v8972 comes with different cup size options included in the pattern, so I might start with that pattern first.

  4. I'm learning FBA's myself at the moment, Maria Denmark has great instructions for t shirts, - I'm starting there as I figure jersey fabric is more forgiving, then I'm going to build up to more structured garments. The Curvy Sewing collective tutorials look great too Good luck



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